Friday, May 8, 2009

The jackets.

Since everyone started to use leather jackets, I started to cross my fingers for a new, really hot jacket. Not to replace the leather jacket, but something I could switch between. And then it came. The denim jacket. I have to lie if I must say I did not hate these kind of jackets some years ago, but now they are my favourite jackets. They did not come this year, but they are still my favourite jackets, because they are rough, and you can more or less combine them with everything. Edit: I do not combine the denim jacket with jeans!!! The jeans jacket is perfect, as long as it fills the demains: it has to be short and light. My opinion. I am so glad it returned from the 70ies! Btw also I like the military jackets, and of course the suit jackets!

This jackets are just perfect:

the pictures are borrowed from Asos, BikBok, celebrity-gossip, rubyredslipper, soundoffcolumn, lipsy and tinypic.

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